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About DRIF

Hello! Welcome!   

Call me DRIF!  

I'm a dad of three amazing kiddos: P-10, B-10, and B-8.  We all love to read and I used to joke that our most prized possessions were the family library cards!  

When my kiddos were just learning to read, they'd bring books home from the school library that had tons of difficult text.

As they developed their reading skills, it became a different kind of challenge. I found my kids' reading levels extended beyond their innocence.  I was shocked to find my 10 year old reading a book with content that some parents may refuse to whisper - even in private. 

Fun fact: I hate surprises!  I also spend a lot of time away from my little ones for work... To stay connected (and stave off unanticipated questions on adult content) I decided to read/listen to the books that they were interested in.  No more surprises and a quality way to bridge the distance between us...So, "Dad Read It First!" became my gig!

But Why the Effort?

It also allows me to keep a beat on  the influences that the kiddos find themselves sorting through on the daily.  Knowing what they read allows me to offer real-life context to otherwise unguided story lines.  

It gives me the opportunity to connect with the kids if I can talk about the books they're reading.  Sometimes, we even read together by taking turns per chapter. 

Yes, indeed....Plants Vs Zombies- Garden Warfare; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Fly Guy; and Pottymouth and Stoopid have all crossed my reading chair and I look forward to sharing these gems with anyone that finds their way here.